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Visualize and validate your idea

We challenge your idea with a creative impulse and align it with the user’s needs. Our work method is organized so that you can validate and measure the impact that you can generate while optimizing your resources.

Concept Design

After acquiring the necessary knowledge of your market, user (and in the case technology). We start to develop concepts of your product and / or business; polishing those parts that seem necessary.


Your brand will help you to be identified and to get a presence both online and in your daily relationships. We narrow down the brief that makes the most sense to you. And we can help you with the naming, the design and the trademark.

Landing Page

Your landing page (launch website), your brand and the 3D visualization of the product give you the credibility you need. With this online presence you can build a community and delight potential investors.

Product development

We deal with design, development and prototyping. With this prototype we can agree on improvements, you can perform beta tests with your users or create multimedia content for commercial use. You can grow your business and create momentum while we develop the final product.

Product design

We arrive at the moment when the assumptions begin to take shape. Needs of the final client, parameters of use UX, personality of the brand, manufacturing processes. Everything must fit to define how the final product should be.


En este proceso hay diferentes tests, prototipos y procesos de desarrollo que, tal vez a simple vista, distan del producto final. Pero son determinantes para la correcta comprensión y desarrollo de la tecnología y componentes que lo componen.


They help us understand and improve the product during its development. We visualize the real dimensions, we touch its geometry, we understand how it works, what fails and what should be different. We have an MVP (minimum viable product).

Details and manufacturing

Before the manufacture of the product it is essential to delimit the assembly and adjust all the technical requirements with the manufacturer. We must ensure that the appearance of the product and the quality of the surfaces will be the desired. And it is necessary to limit the materials and surface finishes to be used to adjust to the initial product design.

RTM Engineering

Our work process is done with RTM knowledge (ready for production) in mind. It is necessary to make sure that there is no detail without the manufacturer’s knowledge and that the appropriate tests have been carried out to ensure the proper functioning, assembly and resistance of the product.

Surfaces class A

The irregularities in the surfaces or the bad continuity of these can make lose important investments. The reflections that the product generates are decisive to achieve the desired appearance. We are specialists in creating high quality surfaces and in correcting geometry in plastic parts.

CMF Design

It is essential to delimit the manufacturer the material, color and final finish desired and check that you can get it. To do this, we show prototypes and / or 3D images that accurately represent the final product and its possible variations. This way we assure that the product will have the desired appearance.