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New ideas change us

Any project is based on a need and our job is to offer a coherent, functional and feasible solution. Functionality and usability are our main objectives to solve. Function determines form. We meticulously study the user, to help us getting inspired, to connect with him emotionally and to arrive to an honest and coherent result. Full of meaning.

We are committed to your ideas, your goals, your values, strategies, concerns, limitations, resources … We want to know all the requirements and limitations of the project; as well as those of the manufacturer and / or logistics. We want to give innovative solutions, true, but also viable. We believe this is the only way to build a sustainable business that lasts over time.

We work on projects that enrich life, or that make it easier. Simpler. Projects that change our behavior, our needs or our way of understanding reality. In short, projects that make us, in some way, better humans. Therefore, we feel that we have reached our goal when our products become an important part of people’s lives.


Jose Cunyat

With Entrepreneurial mindset is trained as a Industrial Designer. He likes to develop business ideas and get involved in innovative projects. He is especially interested in how products can educate us and how they can simplify our life and how we relate to each others.


(+34) 657 85 20 75
Valencia, Spain