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design and prototyping agility made possible

Get high-quality mechanical parts at unprecedented speeds, from prototype to production

At we want to become your external technical office. We specialize in manufacturing engineering, product development, prototyping and product manufacturing.

Seductive design

Any product is born out of a need and the design is in charge of analyzing those needs and finding a way to shape the product that solves them. In addition to taking into account the ideal production processes, as well as the tastes of the consumer. Experience, taste and honesty to shape the future.

rapid prototyping

We offer high quality rapid prototyping to obtain functional objects. When developing a piece or product it is necessary to visualize, touch and experiment to understand its properties. At Manufacturing we know this well, which is why it is an important part of our product development.

manufacturing engineering

During the development process there are many technical requirements to take into account for correct manufacturing, such as the selection of materials and manufacturing processes. With our experience and advice, the transition from functional prototype to series production will be safe and precise.

custom manufacturing management

We are familiar with various production processes such as CNC, plastic injection, laser cutting, metal fusion and / or micro-fusion, silicone molds (for short runs) and of course 3d printing. Thanks to our experience we have managed to reduce development time by limiting it very well. Thanks to our experience we have simplified the working methodology to reach manufacturing as soon as possible.

custom spare parts

Nobody likes having to stop production due to a technical problem, especially if it is something that happens on a recurring basis. At we have specialized in maintaining and improving production processes. So that your company does not stop. If any part or process is giving more problems than necessary we can do a reverse engineering study + improvement proposal. In a short time you will have a spare part with all the improvements applied.

get in contact with us

If you need help, have any technical questions or want to carry out a project with us, please click on the link below to send us an email. Include as many details as you can!

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